This logo aimed to keep the traditional shield shape that the pub's logo originally had, while updating it to feel more modern. The color palette of greens, maroon, and gold was based off common shield colors in Medieval Europe, and the Red Deer and Red Squirrel are native to England. 
The Task
Choose a local restaurant with a logo that could use an update. Create a new logo for the restaurant, as well as signage for the exterior and mockups of applications of the logo to various items in the restaurant (menus, glasses, mugs, t-shirts, etc.).
The Solution
Buchanan Arms was a British pub in Burbank with a touch of Scottish flair (it has since closed). It had been family-run since 1977, served classic British pub food, and had an open mic night every Wednesday evening for music and stand-up comedy. The exterior design and decor inside felt traditional and helped patrons forget they were in the middle of Southern California. The existing logo printed on the menu consisted of a shield shape with a lion and fleur de lis. 
"Buchanan Arms" was set in Georgia to mimic the lettering on the signage of traditional pubs, while "restaurant & pub" are set in Avenir Light to bring a more modern feel. The ampersand was modified to match the attitude of the squirrel's tail.  

The logo could potentially be applied to pint glasses via etching. The squirrel and deer could also be painted on teacups and coffee mugs, respectively; the curves of the cup complement the shape of the squirrel while the straight sides of the mug complement that of the deer.

The logo could be made into a t-shirt, printed on a to-go box, printed on coasters, and burned or embossed into a leather menu cover.

This mockup of a potential new exterior for the Buchanan Arms includes the name painted on the wood lintel in the style of traditional British pubs. The logo is applied to the chalkboard by the door and etched onto the windows, and the sign hangs perpendicular to the wall, similar to traditional pub signage.

Process Work

Refined color studies on the shield logo mark explored different options for colors and their placement. Eventually, a combination of the first and third palettes here was used.

Color and type studies of four different marks. Some seemed to work as line art as well as solid shapes, so both options were tried. Eventually, the top left shield-shaped mark was chosen for further development.

Type studies experimenting with combinations of serif and sans-serif typefaces. The 25 on the left use various serif fonts for "Buchanan Arms" with sans-serif fonts used for "restaurant & pub." The 25 on the right are vice versa.

The first set of sketches, combining various elements of the deer, squirrel, shield, pub life, and England. 

Refined sketches working with the deer and squirrel, which led into further color studies.

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