This friendly mask-wearing owl appeared in multiple places in the signage system.

The Task
Create wayfinding signage for the Woodbury University campus to welcome students and faculty back to in-person learning and spread a positive, playful attitude while reminding them of important Covid safety protocols.
The Solution
A bright—but not juvenile—color palette and use of Cera Pro for all typography fit within the school's existing brand guidelines and and possess an exuberant character. The illustrated owl takes after the school's mascot, Woody the Owl, and appears in different places throughout the branding to provide a friendly face.  
At the time this was created, the school was encouraging students and faculty to travel on a one-way path through buildings as a way to enforce physical distancing. Thus, each building needed a distinct entrance and exit, which became the centerpiece of our project. Other signage that served as reminders for wearing masks and staying physically distanced included wall signs, sandwich boards, and floor dots at benches. 
This project was completed as an interdisciplinary team led by Cate Roman and Jeanine Centuori. I worked with graphic designer Nya Walker and architects Adrian Rios and Iris Fung.

Mockup of the graphics for the entrance of the Woodbury School of Business building. The signs on the door remind those entering to wear a mask and remain six feet apart; the one on the right is a simple map of the building to show where the entrances and exits of the building are.

Mockup of the exit door of the School of Business. The graphic frame created around the exit and entrance doors are similar, but different enough to help visitors understand which door to enter through. 

Elevation view of the entrance and exit doors. 

Axiomatic view of the entrance and exit doors, plus the stairs leading up to the front of the entrance.

A series of large floor graphics, to be applied to different intersections on the campus quad.

Mockup of one of the intersection designs.

These footprints are based on wildlife commonly found on campus (including deer, possums, and squirrels), and are placed at the foot of benches and seating areas six feet apart to encourage physical distancing.

Mockup of the footprint signs in the environment. 

A series of wall signs with general reminders, to be applied all across campus.

Mockup of three of the wall signs.

Sandwich boards carried the main message: keep your distance, but remain socially together, and keep our friends safe!

These trifold signs were meant to go around campus as additional messaging.

Series of one-way signs to help with directional messaging inside and outside of buildings with a one-way traffic pattern.

Maps for the entrance door (left) and exit door (right) of the School of Business building. 

The simple style guide created for this project: six vibrant colors and a range of typography from Cera Pro. 

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