The Task
Choose a quote that inspires change or inspires the audience to be better people, and create a typography-based motion graphic to express the meaning.
The Solution
This quote, from Untamed by Glennon Doyle, reminds us of the importance of staying sensitive and in touch with our feelings. Simple typography and a monochrome palette let the words stand out.
Final Storyboard

The letters of "sensitive" gently fade in one at a time.

"Brave" slides in quickly from the right.

With the repetition of "brave" in the voiceover, the word reverses color. 

Verbs from the next part of the quote stack up, pushing each other out of the frame.

As the voiceover speeds up, the words stack faster, reaching the climax of the narrative.

Repetition brings us back to the beginning as the voiceover repeats the phrase.

"Insensitive" falls down from above, knocking the other words out of frame.

The words "badge of honor" slide in from left and right, bumping into each other in the middle.

The title of the book, "Untamed," slides in from the right.

A white bar crosses "Untamed" from left to right, while the author's name, Glennon Doyle, appears slowly, the same way the word "sensitive" did earlier.

Process Work

In the upper left, the quote is written in its entirety, emotional/impactful words underlined. Underneath, sketches of some different ways to show the emotion in the typography, along with a brief storyboard at the right.

The climax of the quote was right after "feel, know, and imagine," and these words needed to build up to it. On this page are sketches of some different ways to stack them up.

Initial Storyboard

The initial storyboard proved to be too complex, so it was pared down—the quote really isn't very long, so there wasn't enough time to comfortably fit all the planned animation. This is the updated storyboard, which led to the animatic (below).

The animatic showed that the narration needed to be slowed down, and some of the animation needed to be simplified.

Here, a version with a warm color palette, which showed that the colors distracted from the message.

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