The front of the bottle, while empty, showcases the delicate nature of the Gothic architecture-inspired label. The neck band contains the logo of fictional parent company Manor House Spirits, and the raven wing motif carries through in the shape of the band.

The Task
To create packaging for any beverage for a specific target audience. 
The Solution
Flying Buttress Bourbon sets itself apart from other whiskeys on the shelf, which are typically masculine and somewhat "old-west" themed. Flying Buttress embraces the gothic side of life, and appeals to a more feminine audience, or anyone who appreciates something different. It could also be perfect for a Halloween party. The "flying buttress" was an integral part of Gothic architecture, as well as an aesthetic flourish, which helped to support walls without making them thicker, and thus allowed architects and builders to create more windows and archways.
The die-cut label is inspired by Gothic cathedrals, with their myriad doors, arches, and flying buttresses. An ornate Blackletter (Baroque Text) adds to the Gothic aesthetic, while a blocky, angular serif (Boucherie Block) keeps the label from getting too costumey. A pattern of raven wings is subtly used in the maroon background to add texture.

When the bottle is empty, the inside of the back label is visible, with more Gothic imagery inspired by cathedral doors. The shape of the raven wings on the neck band label is more evident from the side.

The back of the label is shaped like a door, and contains the brand story and information about the flavor profile of Flying Buttress. One raven wing is tan instead of red, to allow the barcode to be scanned. 

Final front label with bottle full of whiskey.

Final back label with bottle full of whiskey.

Process Work

Final label for front, back, inside back, neck band, and sticker on the bottom of the bottle, which is reminiscent of Gothic cathedral windows. 

Earlier color studies for the Flying Buttress label.

Early concepts for different label shapes and styles. 

Sketches for label shapes and typography.

List of possible names, and hand-drawn type studies to explore possibilities of style.

Moodboards such as this one helped cultivate the aesthetic of Flying Buttress and determine the target audience. 

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