Closeup of title wall mockup

The Task
Create a title wall design for a hypothetical retrospective of Emory Douglas' work, to take place in the Nan Rae Gallery on campus. Include the title, "Emory Douglas: Seize the Time" and a 250-word-long block of intro-text. This introduction to the exhibit should also serve as a compelling identity for the show as a whole.
The Solution
The title wall for Emory Douglas: Seize the Time takes up the center of the North Wall, between the beams. This location will have maximum impact when a visitor walks into the gallery, since it’s right across from the door. The Nan Rae is sometimes hard to find for first-time visitors; this large, visible title wall will let them know that they're in the right place.
With thick, handwritten type, this title wall and exhibit identity design calls to mind the bold quality of Douglas' illustrations. The intro text is set in Helvetica, which Douglas sometimes used for typesetting in many parts of the Black Panther newspaper: illustrations and collages, cover pages, and interior layouts. The burnt orange is inspired by colors he used in many of his full-page back cover illustrations. 
The imperfect type adds a handmade quality to the title wall, reminiscent of the low-budget production of the party’s newspaper. It intends to remind viewers of the context that the artwork was in, and the publication it was created for.

Full title wall mockup with sample artworks on the wall to either side

Postcard design for the show

Cover and opening spread of gallery catalog

Mockup of the introduction spread of the gallery catalog

Mockup of the interview spread of the gallery catalog

Mockup of two art spreads of the gallery catalog

Mockup of the opening spread of the interview section

Mockup of social media and web ads: Instagram, Facebook, and banner ads.

Process Work

Initial sketches for the title wall

Digital versions of the pencil and paper sketches

Layout studies using handwritten type

Color studies with the final layout and type treatment

Elevation drawing of the final design

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