The final image to be shared on social media and printed on magnets.

The Task
Using unconventional physical materials, design the words "vote early" to encourage young people to vote in the 2020 general election. The piece will be shared on social media and distributed publicly in the form of a small flyer, sticker, or other method. 
The Solution
Our democracy grows and blooms when we vote. Fast-growing radish seeds were planted in the shape of the word "vote" and photographed with the word "early" written on a piece of brown paper in thick sharpie.

Instagram mockups

Magnets on signposts on a popular walking street

Process Work

A stencil ensured the radish seeds would grow in the right pattern.

Experiments with different ways to photograph sprouts, a week after the seeds were planted. Adding the stencil back in helped define the word "vote." One iteration added red and blue to the image, but it pulled too much attention from the word "vote" so the original natural colors were kept as-is.

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