Cover, advertising the feature article and the Q&A, as well as a few smaller articles within the magazine.

The Task
To create a special-interest magazine from start to finish, appealing to a specific target audience using impeccable typography. 
The Solution
Pentacle is a Wiccan lifestyle magazine, for those interested in Wicca or Paganism. It contains articles that cover the basics, as well as some more in-depth pieces that would interest more experienced readers. Rich, earthy colors and stunning photography made a bold statement; calligraphic Centaur brought an aged feel that was balanced by geometric Avenir. 

The table of contents uses nature-themed photography to add color and texture to the page. Oversized numerals and color blocks are added over the photos to add layers and establish the publication's color palette. 

A review of favorite local metaphysical shops borrowed oversized transparent numerals from the table of contents, and photography helps draw the reader in. 

The opening spread for the editorial article, with original illustrations. Purple and amber further the color scheme of the magazine, and various Wiccan symbols provide a feeling of mysticism.

The opening spread of the feature story, using earth tones and an oversize numeral to stay consistent with the rest of the magazine.

The second spread of the feature article, dedicated to the section of the article about fire. Dramatic photography and warm colors chosen from the palette help set the tone.

The third spread of the feature article, this time to do with water. 

The fourth spread of the feature article, concerning earth. The text, pull quote, and photo caption are grounded in the photo at the bottom.

The fifth spread of the feature article, about air. The sidebar on the right hand page contains more information to do with all four elements, which reference the colors used on their respective pages. 

Spread featuring original ads on the left, and the opening page to a Q&A article on the right. 

Interior spread for Q&A article. Color cues were pulled from the photos of the author, and continued through other photos and text color. 

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