Home page with imagery to set the mood, with a brief blurb about the tea shop, hours, and a button to take visitors to the reservations page. 

The Task
Design and code a website for a real or fictional restaurant. Site must include a home page, menu page, and a page containing a form (such as one for contacting the restaurant or making a reservation). 
The Solution
Triumvirate Tea Company is a fictional tea shop in Burbank, furnished with old-world decor. Wood, brass, crystal, and velvet ensconce cozy, conspiratorial seating and invite conversation between friends. High tea is served (by reservation only), and there is a variety of tea and pastries to partake in any time of the day. 
A rich, neutral color palette and dramatic photography set the scene. The use of Trajan for headings and the Triumvirate logo recalls ancient Rome, which is where the word "triumvirate" is from. Avenir is used for body copy, enhancing legibility, and comfortably large buttons call to be clicked; these both lend themselves to a pleasant user experience. 
This website design won GDUSA's 2019 American Web Design Award: http://contests.gdusa.com/gdusa-contest-winner?cc=awda19&ids=0|455|456&iy=&im=

The menu consists of many options for tea and pastries, as well as the contents of high tea, for which a visitor must make a reservation.

The About page explains that Triumvirate has both tea and pastries for a quick bite with a friend, or a more extensive high tea. It also explains the name "Triumvirate." The writing style and the gallery of photos help establish a verbal and visual voice.

The Contact page has basic contact information, social media icons, and a button to take a visitor to the reservations page. 

The Reservations page allows visitors to book a table for high tea. The menu at right reminds visitors what high tea includes, and open, rounded form fields are inviting and easy to fill out.

The Confirmation page is what visitors will see after filling out their reservation.

Process Work

The wireframes for the site. From left to right: Home, Menu, About, Contact, Reservations, and Confirmation pages.

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